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I am illFred

I am a leader from the hip hop community that uses the mic as a tool to promote change by motivating others towards success and teaching them how to obtain it. I lead the illite culture which is a team comprised of multi-cultural people who know what it takes to succeed in life and who work towards equipping others to do the same. As someone who survived a rough upbringing, I am especially passionate about helping others overcome harsh living conditions. Follow us on available social media platforms for tips and strategies to help you succeed in life. Plus, win music & prize packages by interacting with your favorite post(s) from our pages (like, comment and/or share).

Our Mission is to join forces with people and empower them to make a come up!

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On September 11th 2001, images of the attack on the World Trade Center flashed across Television screens around the world. Paralyzed by a deadly cocktail of emotion, illFred stood in front of his television screen as hopeless and desperate as the rest of the world. As he watched people plunge to their deaths from the top of the towers, tears of anger, despair, fear and hopelessness welled in his eyes. After realizing that the horrific scenes he was witnessing were not part of a tragic movie or vivid nightmare, the air that felt like it was abruptly vacuumed from his lungs, rushed into his mouth as he gasped and caused him to gag. From that moment on, nothing would ever be the same. The years that followed introduced an era of fear and uncertainty. It didn’t take long before America began to exhibit signs and symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Paranoia was prevalent throughout the Internet, various media outlets, airports, schools, public arenas and private sectors. The idea of embracing other cultures was replaced by intolerance. Before long, the dark veil of intolerance was lifted and the intolerant were empowered and encouraged to practice discrimination candidly. America demonstrated that its roots of hatred were still alive and growing. In the year 2018, America continues to be plagued by corruption, bigotry, injustice, hatred and destruction. The systems that were set in place to serve the needs and protect the rights of the people have failed time and time again. While some people live lavishly, others suffer socio-economic disparities. Crime syndicates such as some street gangs, hate groups, religious extremists, law enforcement officials and the likes of them, terrorize communities. Media outlets distort the facts to align with their agendas. Leaders deceive and mislead, all-the-while inciting dissension among the masses. Although these symptoms are not unique to America and seem to be a part of a world-wide epidemic that is infecting the global populous, it is spreading throughout the U.S. rapidly and has already rendered fatal outcomes. Terrifying images continue to flash across television and computer screens throughout. The real world is filled with tragic scenes that horrific nightmares are made of. Although the world continues down it’s destructive course, illFred has moved passed the paralysis and is using his voice to lead a group of “illites” in the opposite direction. He is leading the march against social injustice and cultivating a culture of hope, equality, justice and peace. Join illFred in the fight against oppressors. Help him foster a culture of moral aptitude and resist the declining trend. Join the cultural illites as they seek to fight for justice and reform the “Trumped Nation”.